Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

First I'd like to wish all the military a safe and happy holiday!

Secondly, USA Network will be having a JAG marathon on July 4th. Check your local listings for times!!! Whoo hoooo!!! It's about time!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sci-fi props up for auction

Sci-fi props up for auction (had this in a newsletter and a Google alert)

Peek at studio all part of the fun
Michael D. Reid, Times Colonist
Published: Monday, June 23, 2008

Pssst ... wanna buy a moon rock? If that doesn't excite you, how about a crisp cotton dress shirt worn by the president of the United States?

Or an outfit worn by Natasha Henstridge of Species fame or by David James Elliott, the former star of JAG?

You'll find a lot more where those came from on Wednesday when the producers of Impact, the $14-million sci-fi mini-series that just wrapped a 40-day shoot here, sell off thousands of dollars worth of costumes, props and furnishings.

For years, "set-dec" and wardrobe sales were one of the best kept secrets in B.C.'s movie industry. When a production wrapped, everything was sold off to other shows or bargain-hunting industry insiders and fortunate friends.

Impact producer Ted Bauman says it makes sense to open up set-dec sales to the public in a market like Victoria. He did it last summer when a sale was held downtown to blow out props and costumes from the Hallmark film Pictures of Hollis Woods.

Those who show up between 10 and 4 Wednesday for the cash-only sale at the former NOW furniture building, 2269 Douglas St., will get more than just a chance to buy a piece of the action. They'll get a sneak peek inside the studio where interiors were shot.

"A lot of the movie sets should still be in place," Bauman says. "People can come in and take a look at the lunar lander on the moon, and they might see 'the war room' and the European Space Agency control room -- parts of it, anyway."

Impact, which co-stars James Cromwell, Benjamin Sadler and Steve Culp (Thirteen Days) as the U.S. president, wrapped Friday. Victoria doubled as several worldwide locations including Ottawa, Washington, Munich and New Mexico.

The German-Canadian co-production, directed by Mike Rohl from a script by Emmy-winning screenwriter Michael Vickerman (Superfire), focuses on the impact of a meteor shower that sends the moon on a collision course with earth.

Items will be priced to sell, Bauman says -- much of it going for 50 per cent of what the company paid for it.

"We have lots of electronics, great clothing and lots of Ikea furniture," he said. Unsold items will go to charity.

It's not just Ikea couches, computers, dress suits, tables, office chairs and houseplants, set decorator Terry Lewis explains.

"The beauty of set-dec sales is they're very eclectic. There can be everything from nice high-end furnishings to what we ended up selling after I did The Egg Factory -- not one, but two gynecological examination tables."

Lewis, an 18-year industry veteran, refers to the "One man's junk is another man's treasure" axiom.
He still remembers the "old days" when studios would pack up sets and costumes in a trailer and send them to Los Angeles for storage.

"That's the world of higher-budget features," he says. "Nowadays the cost of making these lower-budget projects is so close to the line it's almost an economic necessity."

Consumers should be aware sale items have been used on film sets and might show signs of wear, he says.
Unusual items include a roll of copper sheeting bought in Kentucky to form the lunar lander's heat shield; and German light switches imported from Cologne.

"I challenge you to find a German light switch anywhere else in Victoria," he jokes.
"Or a Soyuz space capsule."

An estimated $50,000 worth of costumes will also be up for grabs, says costume designer Trish Flynn.

"This was a big show," she says.

"We fit over 100 actors with 15 costume changes on average, and 500 background."

While you won't be able to buy spacesuits, Red Cross uniforms or military apparel, expect lots of sportswear, business attire, clothes worn by scientists and some kids' clothing, sizes 8 and 9.

The featured actors get first crack at the costumes.

"They've worn it and they get used to it," Flynn says, adding prospective buyers should be aware costumes are altered.

"You might have a size 40, with the arms short or the pants long, depending on the actor," she cautions.

Oh, and just so you know. Those moon rocks are made of Styrofoam.

© Times Colonist (Victoria) 2008

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Update on release date for 'The Rainbow Tribe'

Photo from website for 'The Rainbow Tribe'

Was just checking the IMBD website for 'The Rainbow Tribe' and noticed that a new release date had been listed for the USA, August 21, 2008. I certainly hope that's true, it had said January 2009. This would be some great news! The movie looks excellent!

Monday, June 16, 2008

A little insider information about DJE in 'Impact'

Since this was shared with me privately, I can't reveal any names, but I was given permission to share some of the comraderie between DJE and other actors on the set. Thanks!

'David Elliott is one of the funniest guy guy's you could meet. He seems a little intimidating at first, until you realize you could imagine him easily cracking jokes over beers and hockey..(they) are filming 14 to 16 hours a day, and he usually comes up with the right line to crack up the staff after 13 hours or so, and keeps (them) going the next few.'

'His favourite thing to do when it is tense and (they) have had to re-do a scene a whole bunch of times, is he will be saying this super heavy bit of dialogue about the Moon about to come crashing down on the planet, and suddenly he breaks into Star Trek, just out of nowhere...he's either doing Scotty's famous "Captain...she can't take much more of this!" or every now and again he will deliver his lines in Captain Kirk's famous "turn every word into it's own sentence" cadence. The other thing he has done to lighten things up on the set, is in the War Room scene (they) have two giant screens showing the scientific data on the moon and it's orbit well as a number of smaller screens showing CNN and the like...and one day on set (they) are filming a scene where (they) are all looking at the giant screens and worrying about the information we are getting, and suddenly DJE's travel photos and boating photos come up as a joke. '

Thursday, June 5, 2008

TV, eh? » Global/E! announce 2008 schedules

TV, eh? » Global/E! announce 2008 schedules
Posted by: Diane in Da Kink in my Hair, Project Runway Canada, The Guard
From a media release (I’m including Canadian series only):
Key returning 2008 Canadian highlights include the #1 new drama series* THE GUARD; and #1 new Canadian comedy series ’DA KINK IN MY HAIR. (BBM-NMR National Meter Data, Adults 18-49, Sept 10/07-May 25/08)


Wednesday10pm The Guard (Season 2)
Saturday7pm Global Currents (Season 3)


COLD BLOOD (10 x 1 hour; documentary)
HOWIE DO IT (30 minutes; comedy)
XIII (2 x 2 hour; drama)
THE LAST TEMPLAR (2 x 2 hour; drama)
PROJECT RUNWAY CANADA Season 2 (1 hour; reality)


Got this in a TVeh? newsletter. Knew they were bringing 'The Guard' back for a Season 2 but it's nice to see it in print.

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