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Impact on DVD September 1, 2009

Now this is some great news!!!

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Gooby: Giant bear can't save mediocre movie

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Jun 26, 2009 04:30 AM

Jason Anderson
Special to the star


**(out of 4)

Starring Matthew Knight, David James Elliott and Eugene Levy. Directed by Wilson Coneybeare. 100 minutes. At the AMC Interchange 30. PG


Teddy bears might be reliably snuggly but they aren't quite so cute when they're six feet tall and talk like Harry Potter's pal Hagrid.

For proof, look at the oversized plush toy who comes to life in this generic but occasionally charming Canadian kids' movie, which starts a limited theatrical run this weekend before a DVD release in August.

With his coat of golden fur, red tartan scarf, mechanically manipulated eyebrows and lifeless eyes, Gooby looks like an animatronic creature that's somehow escaped from the Country Bear Jamboree. It's a wonder that his pal Willy (Matthew Knight) doesn't flee in terror when Gooby shows up.

Thankfully, this furball sounds friendlier than it appears. That's because Gooby is voiced by veteran Scottish actor Robbie Coltrane.

The garrulous presence of the Harry Potter movie regular gives an additional charge to Gooby's wildest antics, like taking Willy on a daredevil downhill ride and causing a ruckus in a supermarket.

He's there to alleviate Willy's loneliness as the boy contends with life in a new school and neighbourhood.

Alas, there's only so much that one giant teddy bear can do to enliven a mediocre movie.

Written, produced and directed by the appropriately named Wilson Coneybeare, Gooby is a well-intentioned effort to create a family-friendly film on a modest budget. But its lack of a compelling storyline and overreliance on so-so slapstick will limit its appeal to easily distracted preschoolers.

The shortage of memorable human characters is another problem, though Eugene Levy has some fun as Willy's teacher, one of the few grown-ups who notice Gooby. Former JAG star David James Elliott and Ingrid Kavelaars make less of an impression as Willy's remarkably unobservant parents.

Adults in the audience, however, will be on alert next time they visit Chuck E. Cheese, lest the robot bears leap from the stage and abscond with the children.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

DJE Lessens His Impact on the Environment

An interesting article blurb about Ecollywood:

ABC has the scariest the-world-is-coming-to-an-end miniseries you'll see this summer.
By Gerri MillerThu, Jun 18 2009 at 5:12 AM EST

The stars of ABC’s two-part movie Impact, about a meteor shower that hits the moon, sending it on a collision course with Earth, are doing their best to lessen their impact on the environment. “I’ve changed my bulbs. I drive a hybrid. I don’t use plastic stuff in my kids’ lunches. I recycle, turn the lights off. I buy everything in bulk and pour it into sustainable containers,” enumerates Natasha Hentstridge (Eli Stone), who plays an astrophysicist in the sci-fi drama, airing at 9 p.m. June 21 and 28.

David James Elliott (JAG), who portrays a fellow scientist, eschews throwaway grocery bags and recycles, designating a separate basket for used batteries. “We carpool whenever we can. It’s certainly in our interest financially -- gas is pretty expensive. We’re doing what we can. I have two children and they’re learning about it in school. They bring home information and stuff for us to do.”

Nevertheless, Elliott is confused by the “conflicting information out there that makes it difficult to know what is doing the right thing. People say making car batteries causes more harm to the environment than they save, and making solar panels burns more energy than they save. What’s the answer? I don’t know,” he says, “but I’m looking for the truth.”

Next month, Elliott stars in another sci-fi TV movie called The Storm, playing the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. “We weaponize the weather,” he says, “and we think it’s a good thing.” NBC airs the two-parter July 28 and Aug. 2 at 9 p.m.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hollywood Gives Back as Celebrities Celebrate the Fifth Annual CCGI Celebrity Golf and Charity Event

Posted : Tue, 16 Jun 2009 21:05:38 GMT
Author : Bragman Nyman Cafarelli
Category : Press Release
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Celebrities Cedric 'The Entertainer,' Anthony Anderson, Bill Bellamy, Dave Annable, Mekhi Phifer, Jerry Rice and More to Take Part to Raise Funds for Schools in Economically Challenged Countries

LOS ANGELES, June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- RISARC Consulting LLC and its' charitable arm, the CCGI Foundation, are pleased to announce its celebrity participation for this year's Fifth Annual Caribbean Classic Golf Invitational (CCGI) in Montego Bay, Jamaica during the week of June 24th - 28th. Each year CCGI events attract celebrities, sports figures and comedians alike. Talent participating in this year's invitational include Cedric "The Entertainer," (Johnson Family Vacation 2), Mekhi Phifer (ER), Dave Annable (Brothers and Sisters), Bill Bellamy (October Road), Anthony Anderson (Law & Order), Flex Alexander (The Hills Have Eyes), Carmine Giovinazzo (CSI: NY), Jill-Michele Melean (MADtv), Johnny Sanchez (MADtv), Alan Thicke (How I Met Your Mother), Salli Richardson (Eureka), Brendan Fehr (Roswell), Saleisha Stowers (America's Next Top Model - Season 9), Grant Show (Private Practice), Vanessa Marcil (Without a Trace), Odette Yustman (The Unborn), Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek), Roger Cross (Day the Earth Stood Still), Chris Jacobs (Host of The Insider), Bruce McGill (The Perfect Game), Peter Weller (RoboCop), Richard Roundtree (Lincoln Heights), David James Elliott (The Guard), Ed "Too Tall" Jones (Former Dallas Cowboys Player), Frank Shamrock (UFC Champion), Randy Couture (UFC Hall of Famer), Gary Goodridge (Professional Kickboxer and Mixed Martial Artist), Ray Sefo (K-1 Fighter), Dr. Jason Diamond (Dr. 90210), Jane Park Smith (Ms. America), Leon Preston Robinson (Cool Runnings) and more. With this year's lineup of events and celebrity participation, this year's annual event is one of the most anticipated and without a doubt, the most exciting event on the calendar this year. Lineup of events during the week include a celebrity-pro golf tournament, comedy night, Champions of Champions II Muay Thai fight night, fashion show and black tie gala.

Commenting on CCGI's festivities Cedric "The Entertainer" said, "I am very excited to once again partner with CCGI and take part in the wonderful work that the organization is doing in the Jamaican and Caribbean community." Cedric will not only attend the week's action packed festivities but will also host the invitational's comedy night showcase with performances by comedians Bill Bellamy, Jill-Michele Melean, Johnny Sanchez and more. Additionally, celebrities taking part celebrity-pro golf tournament include Mekhi Phifer, Bruce Greenwood, Dave Annable, Grant Show, Alan Thicke, Brendan Fehr, David James Elliott, Bruce McGill, Peter Weller and Carmine Giovinazzo, and Jerry Rice.

The Fifth Annual Caribbean Classic Golf Invitational's schedule of activities includes:
Wednesday, June 24, 2009Celebrity VIP/Culture Show/Welcome PartyThursday, June 25, 2009CCGI Amateur Scramble Golf TournamentMuay Thai Weigh-inFirst Annual Caribbean Comedy Classic hosted by Cedric "The Entertainer" with performances by Bill Bellamy and moreFriday, June 26, 2009Beachathon"Champions of Champions II" Muay Thai Fight Night (Live on PayPerView) & Supermodel Mania (Collections Showcased To Include Lines From Alexander McQueen, Parasuco, House of Howe, Thomas Wylde, Sterling Capricio, Dena Burton, Live Mechanics, Rufskin and John Varvatos with special thanks to Chic Little Devil Style House)Saturday, June 27, 2009CCGI Celebrity/Pro-Golf Tournament CCGI Black-Tie GalaSunday, June 28, 2009Guest Departure

The event is a world-class entertainment experience and the only 4 day charity event of its kind. Proceeds raised from the event will be used by CCGI Foundation to donate brand new computers to schools to establish technology learning centers in economically challenged countries in the Caribbean starting with Jamaica. The foundation's mission is to develop a generation of future leaders by providing the primary schools with much needed computers to help students acquire the skills they need to be globally competitive in our digital, technology driven era. The foundation's program fosters computer literacy while empowering children to reach their dreams.

Sponsorship opportunities for the Caribbean Classic Golf Invitational are still available. Individuals interested in attending the or staying at the invitational's host resort, Iberostar Rose Hall Beach & Spa Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica should contact CCGI at or call 818-953-3020. More information regarding the invitational and the week's events is available online at

About the RISARC Foundation and CCGI FOUNDATION
The mission of RISARC and the CCGI Foundation is to collaborate and focus resources on preparing a new generation of leaders by building a platform for leadership development and innovative project initiatives. The focus is to establish computer learning centers in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean. More information can be found at

RISARC was established in 1990 as a healthcare consulting firm, offering an all-inclusive array of consulting and technology services. More information can be found at

About Iberostar Hotels & Resorts
Iberostar Hotels & Resorts is a family-owned Spanish hospitality company with more than 75 years experience in the travel industry. Iberostar provides unique vacation experiences, rooted in superior customer service and quality, in the world's most popular vacation destinations. With more than 100 hotels in 15 countries, Iberostar Hotels & Resorts is committed to offering excellence in quality and service and providing personal attention to each guest. For more information visit

SOURCE Bragman Nyman Cafarelli

Whoo hooo... this is a wonderful thing that DJE is doing!!! Do well everyone!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Thanks to my friend, Maya, for sharing this. It's short but oh so sweet! LOL!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

David James Elliott moves to Paradigm

Paradigm Signs 17 New Clients (Including 13 from WMA); Loses Damon Wayans; Promotes 2 Agent Trainees

Paradigm has gotten busy in the past two weeks. It announced today that its TV Lit department has signed 9 new clients from the former William Morris Agency and 4 other TV Lit clients from UTA, Endeavor, APA and one unrepresented. Coming over from WMA are: Chris Alberghini & Mike Chessler, executive producers/showrunners of Cashmere Mafia, Reba; Jennifer Fisher, supervising producer of Bill Engvall; Stephen Godchaux, executive producer of Dead Like Me and Spin City; Felicia Henderson, executive producer/showrunner of Fringe; Barnet Kellman, producer/director of Monk and Samantha Who; Richard Kramer, executive producer of Judging Amy; Matthew Pyken, executive producer/showrunner of Knight Rider and Las Vegas; Arlene Sanford, producer/director of Grey’s Anatomy and Medium.

Signed from other agencies are Antonia Ellis, producer/director of Men In Trees and Sex And The City from APA; Stephen Kronish, executive producer/showrunner of 24 from Endeavor; Chuck Martin, co-executive producer or consulting producer of Arrested Development from UTA; Terence Nightingall, director of ER.

Paradigm also announced that recently hired WMA talent agent Erwin More has added four more actor clients from Morris: Brandy, David James Elliott, Tom Everett Scott, and Gregory Smith.

Also, Damon Wayans has left Paradigm as a client after just six months there. The agency had been negotiating a series deal for him and had just secured a book deal for him. Paradigm claims it will still be working with him on on-going projects, and he will remain a literary client, "But in other areas he will move on. He is wonderfully talented, we want the best for him now and in the future and we knew going in that he tends to move around a lot," an agency insider tells me. Paradigm got into biz with Wayans in early December.

Paradigm also announced today that Jason Cunningham (talent) and Ida Ziniti (motion picture lit) have been promoted from the agent training program to full agents effective immediately.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Interview with Natasha Hendstridge about 'Impact'

Natasha Henstridge says this real science is behind ABC's disaster mini Impact
By Jenna Busch
6:00 AM ON 06/11/09

Natasha Henstridge, who plays scientist Maddie Rhodes in ABC's upcoming limited series Impact, told SCI FI Wire that the sci-fi disaster movie is based on real science. Sort of.

"We actually worked with an astrophysicist up in Canada," Henstridge said in an exclusive phone interview on Wednesday. "When I was working in the observatory up there, I spent some time and asked some questions and got some answers I probably could have lived without knowing [laughs]. A little bit more eye-opening than I had imagined. It's a fascinating subject and one of those things that are very sci-fi, but at the end of the day, the possibility of this happening is kind of there. So it makes it that much more exciting to work on something that's terrifying at the same time."

In the show, Henstridge and David James Elliott co-star as scientists called in to deal with the imminent destruction of humanity after a spectacular meteor shower results in a direct hit to the moon, leaving it on a collision course with the Earth. The four-hour limited series also stars Steven Culp and James Cromwell.

Following is an edited version of our interview with Henstridge, in which she also talks about other projects. Impact debuts on June 21 at 9 p.m. ET/PT and will conclude the following Sunday at the same time. (Possible spoilers ahead!)

So tell us a bit about the story.

Henstridge: Basically it is about, ... behind the meteor shower, this wonderful meteor shower that we get to see once in a lifetime, ... there happens to be a brown dwarf, which is sort of like a meteor. But a brown dwarf that hits the moon, sort of embeds itself in the moon. We think it's just knocked the moon slightly off balance, but we soon realize that it's changed the polarity of the moon, and it's changed the axis on which the moon rotates around Earth.

We then start to realize that it's like a magnet, and it's pulling it closer and closer to Earth. And we, as these brilliant scientists that we are [laughs], have to stop it. To stop the imminent impact of Earth and the moon. That's the gist of it. We find that out gradually as the story goes on, ... we have to find a way to stop it, or at least get it back on its normal axis.

And your character?

Henstridge: I play a scientist named Maddie Rhodes, and she sort of keeps in touch with Washington on all things concerning astrophysics and that sort of thing. And not unbeknownst to me, but not quite ready for what I have to take on, they put me in charge of a team and ask me to put a team together, and I go back to my old college sweetheart, played by David James Elliott. Alex Kittner is his name in the film. I go back to him and ask him, because he's one of the best minds in the business as well. We have to band together and find a way to stop this horrible catastrophe from happening.

Were you familiar with the science of the story? Did you know about brown dwarfs before doing this project?

Henstridge: I knew zero about brown dwarfs before I began, and a lot more about them now [laughs]. Yeah, a brown dwarf is basically the remnants of a dead star, so it's this enormously compact matter. Heavier and more dense than anything we know on the face of the earth. You learn a lot. ...

I know you've said that physicality in acting is a lot of fun. Are you doing anything in Impact that's going to upset the insurance people?

Henstridge: No, I didn't have much to do. I was an intellect in the film, so there weren't a whole lot of stunts in this film. Hopefully soon. I do love that stuff.

I know the director of this project, Michael J. Rohl, has worked on shows like Supernatural, Smallville and Eureka. Are you a fan of shows like that? Sci-fi in general?

Henstridge: I'm not a huge sci-fi fan. I'm not going to lie to you. I am a fan of something that is educational and teaches you something as you're shooting it. I like certain sci-fi. I'm not a big sci-fi buff, but I do like certain films that have some plausibility to it. A possibility to it. ... I think that's really interesting.

Have you seen the finished product?

Henstridge: I just saw it. My kids watched it with me as well, which was amazing. Such a cool thing for me. With a lot of the kinds of films I've done, they haven't been able to watch [laughs]. But it was a real treat for us to be able to sit down and watch. We watched the first night, and they were begging me to watch the second night. They were really riveted by it. They loved it. That was really exciting for me. It was really nice. They kept giggling whenever I was onscreen. It was really cute. And it's educational as well.

So we're all very, very, very sad about Eli Stone getting canceled [Henstridge was a cast member on the fantasy series].

Henstridge: Thank you for the third very. We really enjoyed making that. We thought it was a great message and a really entertaining show. ... It was a bummer.

Would you do another series?

Henstridge: I'd love to, actually. I love the stability of doing a show. I really enjoy the family aspect of it, the stability of it. ... It's lovely. Practicing your craft every day in different ways. You never know what's coming up next week, what kind of struggles, what will be going on. I love it.

Everyone seems to be remaking sci-fi/fantasy shows and films. What do you think: Should they remake Species?

Henstridge: Oh! Has it been that long already?

No, but that doesn't seem to stop anyone.

Henstridge: [Laughs.] That's true. It doesn't. Oh, my God, they've made so many Species films! They might be making one right now. I'm actually going today to do a voice-over for a Stan Lee cartoon, which will be coming out on telephones. They're little, not webisodes. I'm calling them "phoneisodes." I'm not quite sure of the format yet. I'm playing this great character called Charity Vile, with Stan Lee, who is doing one of the voices as well. And it's his work. ... It's really been very entertaining. That will be fun. And I have a couple of movie offers on the table, but I haven't confirmed anything yet.

Can you tell us anything else about the project? Characters we might recognize?

Henstridge: I'd better not. I'm not really sure yet if I'm allowed to, so I'd better just keep mum about it. ... It's called Time Jumper. It's really cool.

Link to original article with photos:

Monday, June 1, 2009

Press Release for Impact Part 1

Monday, June 01, 2009
ABC Television Network
ABC PREMIERE EVENT: Impact, Part 1 (6/21)



Steven Culp ("Desperate Housewives"), James Cromwell ("W," "Babe") Also Star

The most spectacular meteor shower in 10,000 years results in a direct hit to the moon, leaving it on a collision course with the Earth. A small group of international astronauts, scientists and soldiers band together in a race against time to save humanity, in the thrilling limited ABC series "Impact," airing SUNDAY, JUNE 21 and SUNDAY, JUNE 28 (9:00-11:00 p.m., ET both nights), on the ABC Television Network.

David James Elliott ("Close to Home," "Jag") Natasha Henstridge ("Eli Stone," "Species"), Steven Culp ("Desperate Housewives," "ER") and Oscar and Emmy-nominated James Cromwell ("W," "L.A. Confidential," "Babe") are among the stars of the international cast.

The world watches as a large meteor shower streaks across the skies. Hidden in the meteor field is a brown dwarf , a dead star. It smashes into the moon in a tremendous explosion of rock and debris. Fragments of the moon itself penetrate Earth's atmosphere and make impact. Even though initial damage is minimal, nerves are frayed throughout the planet. Experts quickly conclude there will be no lasting ramifications. Then strange anomalies begin to manifest themselves on Earth. It starts small - cell phone disruptions, unusual static charges and odd tidal behavior. The world's leading scientists, including Alex Kittner (David James Elliott), Maddie Rhodes (Natasha Henstridge) and Roland Emerson (Benjamin Sandler), begin piecing together evidence that suggests that the moon and its orbit may have been permanently altered. Their fears are realized when the anomalies increase to the point where the effect of gravity is being manipulated by increased electromagnetic surges coming from the moon. People, cars and other objects are rendered momentarily weightless in random, isolated areas around the globe. Alex, Maddie, Roland and the rest of their team soon discover something far worse - the moon's new orbit has put it on a collision course with Earth!

The world now has 39 days to stop the moon or Earth, or all of mankind will perish. After a failed attempt by the United States to destroy the moon, the scientific team works together to mount an international mission to the moon. Alex, whose children and father-in-law (James Cromwell) have gone missing, is torn as he must join Roland on the mission to the moon. It's a race against time as the two celestial bodies are drawn closer and closer to impact.

The Cast: David James Elliott as Alex Kittner, Natasha Henstridge as Dr. Maddie Rhodes, Benjamin Sadler as Roland Emerson, Florentine Lahme as Martina Altmann, James Cromwell as Lloyd, Steven Culp as President Edward Taylor, Owen Best as Jake Kittner, Natasha Calis as Sadie Kittner, Yee Jee Tso as Jered O'Banno, Colin Cunningham as David Rhodes, Michael Kopsa as General Vaughn, Samantha Ferris as Renee Ferguson, Ron Lea as Tom Ranfield, Ben Ayres as Bob Pierce, Gerard Plunkett as Terence Young, Ty Olsson as Derek, Alex Zahara as Franz Henke, Kendall Cross as Courtney Batterton, Gideon Karmel as Sergei Pitinkov, Matthew Walker as Ian Wilson, Andre Hennicke as the pastor, Marina Dodlek as the waitress, Russell Roberts as Hal Boon, Terence Kelly as Hugh, Agam Darshi as Ella Barklow and Stephen Dimopoulos as Denny.

"Impact" was written by Michael Vickerman ("Superfire") and directed by Michael J. Rohl ("Smallville," "Supernatural," "Eureka.")

"Impact" is from Tandem Communications / Jaffe/Braunstein Entertainment and Muse Entertainment Enterprises present an Impact Films Production. Executive producers are Jonas Bauer, Rola Bauer, Howard Braunstein, Greg Gugliotta, Tim Halkin and Michael Prupas. Co-executive producer is Irene Litinsky. Ted Bauman is producer and Jesse Prupas is associate producer.

"Impact" is broadcast in 720 Progressive (720P), ABC's selected HDTV format, with 5.1-channel surround sound. This program carries a TV-PG,L,V parental guideline.

ABC Media Relations: Ellen Gonzalez (818) 460-7185,
Photography is available at or at (818) 460-6611

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