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Granada CEO Keen to Mine Library - TVWeek - News

Granada CEO Keen to Mine Library - TVWeek - News

Interesting article mentioning 'Impact' from

Buccieri Sees Value in Vast Array of Titles

With a companywide goal of doubling revenues to $2.4 billion by 2012, ITV Global Content head Dawn Airey named Paul Buccieri CEO of Granada America earlier this year. With growing pressure on the company to perform, Mr. Buccieri moved quickly to exploit the company's large library of titles to boost the number of series airing on U.S. television.

One key project now being shopped to the networks is upcoming big-budget miniseries “Impact,” through Granada’s Jaffe/Braunstein Films division along with Tandem Communications and Muse Entertainment Enterprises. The story follows consequences that arise when the moon is struck by a burnt-out star. It features Natasha Henstridge, David James Elliott, James Cromwell, Benjamin Sadler and Florentine Lahme.

Granada has already sold the project to more than 90 territories worldwide, including Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Latin America, Benelux, Middle East, Romania and Slovakia, covering the $14 million cost of the miniseries.

With Granada’s “Hell’s Kitchen” continuing to perform well on Fox and a number of series running strong on cable, including “Celebrity Fit Club” on VH1, Mr. Buccieri sat down with TelevisionWeek Deputy Editor Chris Pursell to discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead for the company.

TelevisionWeek: What is the state of the union at Granada America now that you have taken over?
Paul Buccieri: It’s a great company. We’ve done a great job and we have some nice franchises going. One of the things that [ITV Global content head] Dawn [Airey] wants to do, and I responded really well to this, is that one advantage we have in the marketplace is that we own a network in the U.K. And we really haven’t fully exploited that to the level that we should. That’s one of the things that she’s really focusing in on. The other thing is that we’re using all of our different outposts. Fremantle has done a fine job of this, and [of] working as one collective development unit. My development team isn’t essentially the core people I have here in L.A. and the core people I have in New York. I have people all over, from Germany, Australia, the U.K., and it’s given me the access to so many formats, and so many shows, that the issue now is to prioritize which shows are the best shows to take out for the right networks and that are in line with the brand of the different networks. The other thing I’m excited about is expansion into new territories. We’re going to be very aggressive about setting up offices in other territories around the world, India particularly, so I’m excited about getting those formats in those shows. For me it’s maximizing our scale in the most effective way here in the United States and expanding our portfolio.

TVWeek: Coming from Twentieth Television, what skill set did you learn there that you could apply to Granada?
Mr. Buccieri: News Corp.’s a very disciplined organization, and from the top down they are extremely focused on things, and it really helped me and brought a lot of clarity to me. I focus on things that I can generate revenue on. I also learned a lot about speed. Speed is essential. The other thing about working in a big company like News Corp., we really had the advantage of being vertically integrated. Another advantage is being nimble. Being here at Granada, where I can align myself with a lot of different partners very quickly, and utilizing that speed here so I can make deals very, very quickly, I can work with multiple different partners. And it gives me the flexibility to hopefully set up more different projects.

TVWeek: How long before we see your fingerprints all over what Granada is doing?
Mr. Buccieri: I think over the course of the next two months you’ll see a lot of closed deals and a lot of announcements in the nonscripted side as well as the scripted side, which I’m really excited about, going into that arena as well.

TVWeek: How important is [scripted programming] to the company right now?
Mr. Buccieri: One of the big things about Granada here is that a lot of people don’t know all the shows that we do. On the nonscripted side we’re doing very, very well, and I think we can do better. But at the same time, where I can see the most growth potential is in the scripted side of the business. It made me feel really good that I read the Hollywood Reporter this week, and to see three shows on the scripted side being associated with Granada USA is very gratifying. I think we can really expand that. And we have literally thousands, I’m not exaggerating here, thousands of scripted shows and formats that we can set up with, align with other studios on the right projects, take the calculated risk to do the deficit financing, and I think that’s a real area of growth. In that area we’re going to be hiring some people to staff up to exploit that. So that’s the target for us. The ITV library is second only to BBC in size.

TVWeek: How do you go about deciding what’s right for different media outlets?
Mr. Buccieri: First we have to find the right situation; it can be very convoluted. So we have literally list after list of the different formats. We’ve been inviting creative writers, producers to take looks at those shows and those properties, and see what shows that they gravitate to and if that’s in their strength to be able to set up. I don’t want to just limit us, me as a producer, to say this is the show I’m going to take out. We’re having other people take a look, and see what we have. ITV Productions has a lot of pilots that have been set up in the U.K. that are done, written, drafted, re-drafted and ready to go. We’re bringing those out to our agency, ICM, they’re trying to attach the right writers or directors. As you know very well, the scripted business, it’s all about the writer. And now, in the one-hour, it’s also a lot about the director. So we’re attaching the right people.

TVWeek: Some people have claimed that the U.K. formats are tapped out and it’s time to find series from new locations, be it India or New Zealand. Is that a feeling you share?
Mr. Buccieri: No, I don’t think it’s tapped out in the U.K. But I do think that one doesn’t supersede the other, it doesn’t overshadow the other, I think you should exploit both. I think this is more of a trend from a prime-time network perspective. People are more inclined to buy a formatted show and they’re more inclined to buy English-speaking format. Every year we have a slate of those shows coming on. So I see that continuing. But I do see that we have to look elsewhere as well. You can’t just be so selective on one market and one place. You never know where the next great idea is coming from.

TVWeek: I can’t do an interview about Granada without mentioning “Hell’s Kitchen” star Gordon Ramsay. How does he impact the company?
Mr. Buccieri: He’s a wonderful talent. He’s got all that star quality. But he also comes to the show with a producer’s mind, which I think actually elevates the productions. We’re so grateful to have him, as is Fox. Mike Darnell has done a wonderful job shepherding him and nurturing him as a brand. So what we have now is a bona fide hit where we have two shows with him at Fox, and things are going well with that.

TVWeek: Can you elaborate on exploiting some of the shows that have been developed internally here?Mr. Buccieri: I think the greatest opportunity for Granada America shows, original shows, is in the cable arena. Not to exclude the [broadcast] prime-time arena by any means, but it’s easier for us to mount original projects in cable versus prime time. We did a show called “The Big Match” for Lifetime that now is being exploited all over the world. We have several others, actually. We have three other properties that are original Granada USA formats that, once we mount here, essentially, we call it, “goes in the wheel.” And we get it out to formatting, we get it out to sales, and then I talk to my counterparts in all the different territories that we have and we try to get out those materials as quickly as possible.

TVWeek: You guys made some headlines with the sale of “Nanny 911” and “Trading Spouses” to CMT. Can you talk about the back-end life of reality shows?
Mr. Buccieri: There is life after original shows. One of the things that we’re trying to do in our development is try to focus in on some self-contained reality properties. It’s a benefit to us because there’s an afterlife, after-market value to it. It’s a benefit to the broadcasters that produce it so that they can get more lives out of it. And so that they can use it—one, as filler, if their other shows go down. Two, they have the show for the summer, the show that they can review in the summer and retain the same level. So yeah, that’s something that I talk about quite often actually. And reaping the benefits of “Nanny 911,” which is doing very, very well on CMT. I just got a call from them about that. Yeah, but that is a focus for me.

TVWeek: Let’s talk about your Granada America New York. Where do they fit in the picture?
Mr. Buccieri: We have a New York office, which is run by Patrice Andrews, our senior VP of production and operations. They are a major supplier of reality programming to cable, with nearly 50 hours due to be produced this year, including “The First 48,” which is delivering the highest ratings of its run currently. We expect that an order for season nine is coming soon. The New York office has an expertise in the documentary/docusoap genre, and they’ve done unbelievably well. We really want to get more production done out of there because they can execute flawlessly. The way that they’ve produced these shows, I think, is unmatched, and we’re excited about more possibilities with them. I just want the creative community, producers and executives to know that we here at Granada USA are a place that comes up with unique, creative ideas, nurtures those ideas and executes those ideas and makes everyone involved feel proud of the quality of the show, the ratings of the show. We want to be a place people want to do business with. Since I’ve been here, we’ve been really fortunate, as well as really grateful to Fox, for placing us after “American Idol,” to show everyone how wonderful “Hell’s Kitchen” is, from not just a ratings perspective but from a critical perspective. Because of that we were fortunate enough that they took the order from 10 episodes to 14 episodes of “Kitchen Nightmares.”

TVWeek: How were you able to pull together a miniseries like “Impact?”
Mr. Buccieri: We are always aggressively out in the marketplace selling and developing new concepts. With “Impact,” it’s a really unique deal that they’ve structured. I think we did all the financing overseas. So it’s very much like an independent feature and we’re coming back here to sell it. That’s a really unique and interesting model. I want people to realize that we’re a place where, when you come here, we develop shows together, you not only have the opportunity to develop shows for the United States marketplace but you have opportunities to put these shows on the ITV network in the U.K. and then, of course, around the world. I think that’s exciting to producers because, as an independent producer, you’re isolated out there, and we’ll give you an opportunity to be nurtured in an environment where you can succeed and you can be rewarded financially for that success. That’s the type of environment I would want to be in. It’s an exciting time to be a part of the company because the expectations are really, really high.

10:40 a.m.: Updated first paragraph to reflect $2.4 billion revenue goal is ITV's, not solely Granada America's and corrected name of Mike Darnell in answer about Gordon Ramsay.

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Natasha Henstridge braces for Impact | The Register

Natasha Henstridge braces for Impact The Register

Dwarf star hits Moon, Earth has bad hair day
By Lester Haines
Published Monday 28th April 2008 14:44 GMT

In what is quite possibly the most ominous sci-fi news so far this year, Variety reports that Species minx Natasha Henstridge will star in Impact - a TV two-parter featuring a dwarf star hitting the Moon, followed by the usual apocalyptic pandemonium down on Earth.

Henstridge will be joined for the romp by David James Elliott of JAG and LA Confidential vet James Cromwell under the watchful eye of Smallville helmsman Mike Rohl working to a script by Superfire pensmith Michael Vickerman.

Shooting on Impact kicked off in British Colombia last week. Munich-based Tandem Communications is, with Jaffe/Braunstein Films and Muse Entertainment Enterprises, in the producer's chair, while Germany's ProSieben Television, Spain’s Cuatro, TF1 in France and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment share co-production credits.

Tandem has apparently already offloaded the miniseries on an unsuspecting world, with 90 territories getting out their chequebooks for a piece of the action.

Tandem’s Jonas Bauer declared: “The story has broad appeal because it combines universal fears we all have - of large objects flying through space and hitting the Earth. That’s what we’re playing with, the effects on gravity, electro-magnetic disturbances, tsunamis, earthquakes, a high-speed train getting airborne at 200 miles an hour.” ®

Henstridge to make 'Impact'
TV disaster movie lines up cast

BERLIN — Natasha Henstridge (“Eli Stone”), James Cromwell and David James Elliott (“JAG”) will topline “Impact,” a two-part TV disaster movie about a dwarf star striking the moon and wreaking havoc on Earth.

Produced by Munich-based Tandem Communications, Jaffe/Braunstein Films and Muse Entertainment Enterprises, the $14 million miniseries began shooting on location in British Columbia last week.
German thesps Benjamin Sadler (“Side Effects”) and Florentine Lahme (“Rabbit Without Ears”) also star.
Pic is produced in association with Germany's ProSieben Television, Spain’s Cuatro, TF1 in France and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Tandem, which is handling worldwide distribution, has already pre-sold the pic in more than 90 territories, including Austria, Russia, Poland, Latin America and the Middle East.

Directed by Mike Rohl ("Smallville") from a script by Michael Vickerman ("Superfire"), “Impact” is executive produced by Jonas Bauer, Rola Bauer, Tim Halkin, Michael Jaffe, Howard Braunstein and Michael Prupas, co-executive produced by Irene Litinsky and produced by Ted Bauman.

"Despite the financing challenges in the market today, networks and video distributors worldwide are eager for programming of this nature,” Tandem’s Jonas Bauer said. “The story has broad appeal because it combines universal fears we all have — of large objects flying through space and hitting the Earth. That’s what we’re playing with, the effects on gravity, electro-magnetic disturbances, tsunamis, earthquakes, a high-speed train getting airborne at 200 miles an hour.”

Tandem recently acquired film rights for Ken Follett’s bestseller “The Pillars of the Earth,” which it’s producing with Ridley and Tony Scott’s Scott Free Prods., and is in post production on “Lost City Raiders,” a two-hour sci-fi actioner, starring James Brolin, Ian Somerhalder and Jamie Thomas King.

Had these articles in a Google alert... one from the 'Register' and one from 'Variety'.

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Sci-fi film hits Victoria

Got this in a Google alert:

Michael D. Reid, Times ColonistPublished: Saturday, April 26, 2008

The title of a TV miniseries in production here is appropriate, since it will likely make a significant economic impact. The shoot ends a five-month slump sparked by the rising loonie and, to a lesser degree, the writers' strike.

Impact, a $13-million four-hour miniseries starring David James Elliott, Natasha Henstridge and James Cromwell, began shooting in Colwood yesterday, Vancouver-based producer Ted Bauman confirmed. It was the first day of principal photography on a 38-day shoot that will feature a whopping 64 locations from the B.C. legislature to Shawnigan Lake.

Directed by Mike Rohl (Smallville) from a script by Emmy-winning screenwriter Michael Vickerman (Superfire), the effects-heavy sci-fi adventure focuses on the devastating impact of a meteor shower that sends the moon on a collision course with Earth.

Elliott (JAG) plays Alex Kinter, an Ottawa-based astrophysicist who, with a team of Amer- ican and European scientists, including an astronomer played by Henstridge (Species), convene in Washington, D.C., to try to avert disaster. Cromwell (Babe) plays the grandfather of Kinter's children, and Berlin-based actor Benjamin Sadler portrays a German scientific genius.

Scenes currently being filmed depict neighbourhoods in Ottawa, where Kinter's quiet life is disrupted by the news that the moon has been knocked out of its orbit. In weeks to come, Victoria and surrounding areas will be passed off as Washington, Vermont, London, Paris, New Mexico -- with the Centre of the Universe posing as an observatory there -- and Munich.

When filming wraps here, a second-unit crew will capture footage in Berlin "to create a more European feel," Bauman said.

The prolific producer's Bauman Entertainment Inc. is working in association with Munich- based Tandem Communications, Montreal's Muse Entertainment and Jaffe/Braunstein Entertainment, with whom Bauman has partnered here on the TV movies Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Charlie's Angels, The Survivor's Club and I Want to Marry Ryan Banks.

Filming is also slated to take place at downtown locations, restaurants, private homes, the airport and a local gravel pit, posing as the lunar landscape.

The visual effects -- 250 in all -- are complicated, he said, "from meteors hitting the Indian Ocean to a moon explosion."

Greater Victoria's film commissioner, Rod Hardy, said Impact was music to his ears.
"It's wonderful to get our local film crews back to work, to drag them out of mothballs," Hardy said. "We've had set decorators working at Safeway. We're finally starting to see pictures coming back."

© Times Colonist (Victoria) 2008

Link to original article:

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David James Elliott Withdraws From BMW Tourney

Samuel L. Jackson Withdraws From BMW Tourney - Sports - News Channel 7, Upstate South Carolina:

"GREENVILLE, S.C. (May 24, 2008) – Actor Joe Pesci and former NFL players Sterling Sharpe and Kordell Stewart have been added to the line-up of celebrities for the 2008 BMW Charity Pro-Am golf tournament. Actors Samuel L. Jackson, David James Elliott, Kevin Sorbo and Lucas Black have withdrawn. Ty Gretzky, the 17-year-old son of the Great One, will also participate as a celebrity.
The celebrities that are now unable to attend have withdrawn due to recent changes in the production schedules of their latest movies.

“We are very excited to have Joe Pesci and Kordell Stewart joining the field for the first time and to have Sterling Sharpe return. The addition of Ty Gretzky marks the first father-mother-son participants in the tournament’s history and brings our celebrity participants to 28,” said Darin MacDonald, tournament director of the BMW Charity Pro-Am. “It is unfortunate to hear about Samuel L. Jackson, David James Elliott, Kevin Sorbo and Lucas Black, but we understand.They had committed to play, but apparently the shooting schedules of their new movies have changed. We understand that their work takes precedence, and we wish them all well with these productions.”"

I'm not surprised by this announcement. I've been waiting for DJE to withdraw since he'll be filming his new movie 'Impact' at the same time.

Thanks to my neice for the heads up about this article.

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Watched 'Love Sick: Secrets of a Sex Addict'

WOW... what a truly inspiring movie! DJE played a fantastic character 'Rick'. He was so believable in the role. Just goes to show what a versatile actor he is. He looked so hot in the scenes! Jean... then shirtless... I'd died and went to Heaven! LOL!

But now some of my thoughts on the movie...

First off, to know this was based on a true story... hats off to Sue Silverman for writing her book! It is such an honor to know her. Her story is one that needs to be told over and over. It gives people that have an addiction, hope, and knowledge that they are not alone. There is help out there for them! They touched more on the sexual abuse Sue had received from her father than I thought they might. The scenes were done with much sensitivity. All I wanted to do was to hug that little girl and protect her. Those scenes broke my heart.

Then the scene at the end where 'Sue' (Sally Pressman) gives her speech... I wanted to yell out and tell her how proud I am that she beat her addiction! It was such an inspiring ending! The facts at the very end of the movie about sexual abuse... truly scary.

Sally Pressman was awesome in her role as Sue Silverman! Very believable!

For anyone that saw the movie but hasn't yet read the book... read the book too. It does answer some unanswered questions. I'm so honored that I have an autographed copy, and plan on reading it again since seeing the movie. The book can be purchased from or from Sue's website:

Sue, I'm so honored by our friendship! Thank you!

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Took me a bit but I was able to get a couple of photos off the Tandem Communications website, along with a great synopsis of the movie.


After a massive meteor collides with our moon, disastrous abnormalities start happening on Earth – on one side of the planet, cars begin to hover over the ground as if in outer space, while on the other side, the Earth’s gravitational pull becomes so intense that the Eiffel Tower crumbles together under its own weight.

A team of international scientists realizes the horrifying truth: the meteor has knocked the moon out of its orbit and has hurled it on a collision course with the Earth. In 45 days, the Moon will crash into our planet. As with the total extinction of the dinosaurs through a meteor shower, history is about to repeat itself, this time with mankind...

The US has a plan, but finds no international support. The Europeans have another strategy, which the Americans don’t buy into. Now it is up to a small group of scientists on both sides of the pond to get the nations of the world to cooperate and act as one, before it will be too late...

Unique visuals and powerful human drama will bring this chilling story to life.
Get ready to experience the dark side of the moon!

There was also a fact sheet:


Event miniseries (2 x 90 mins)

The moon is knocked off course by an enormous meteor not only reaping havoc with its gravitational pull, but also putting it into a collision course with the Earth. In 45 days it will impact...


Action / Catastrophe


Principal photography planned 2nd Quarter 2008


US$ 14 Million


Estimated 4th Quarter 2008


Emmy® nominee Michael Vickerman (Superfire)

Jaffe/Braunstein Films (10.5, 10.5 Apocalypse)TANDEM COMMUNICATIONS (Ring of the Nibelungs, The Company)Muse Entertainment Enterprises (Human Trafficking)
Executive Producers:

Emmy® nominees Michael Jaffe & Howard Braunstein, Emmy® nominees Rola Bauer & Tim Halkin, Jonas Bauer and Michael Prupas




'JAG' Star Makes Miniseries 'Impact' - David James Elliott will play an astrophysicist - Zap2it

'JAG' Star Makes Miniseries 'Impact' - David James Elliott will play an astrophysicist - Zap2it
Another article with some different information from Zap2it:

David James Elliott will take the lead in "Impact," an effects-heavy four-hour miniseries.

The Hollywood Reporter story on Elliott's casting doesn't list a network home for the $13 million project, which is written by Michael Vickerman ("Superfire") and will be produced through Muse Entertainment, Jaffe/Braunstein Entertainment and Tandem Communications.

The trade says that "Impact" focuses on the aftermath of meteor shower that leaves the piece of a dwarf star stuck in the moon. As a result, a bunch of weird stuff starts happening on Earth, including "cell phone service interruption, exaggerated tides and the occurrence of sporadic weightlessness."

None of that actually sounds so bad, but we assume things get worse. Elliott will play an astrophysicist who joins forces with a female astronomer to discover that the moon may be heading on a collision course with Earth. Ah. That sounds bad.

"Impact" will begin shooting later this month.

Still best known for his starring turn on "JAG," Elliott followed up that long-running CBS drama with a role in the network's "Close to Home." His other TV credits include stints on "Melrose Place," "Knots Landing" and "Street Legal."

David James Elliott to lead 'Impact'

'David James Elliott to lead 'Impact'
From the Hollywood Reporter:

By Nellie Andreeva
April 17, 2008

David James Elliott has been tapped to star in "Impact," a four-hour disaster miniseries from Muse Entertainment, Jaffe/Braunstein Entertainment and Tandem Communications.

Budgeted at $13 million, the effects-heavy "Impact" chronicles the aftermath of a meteor shower during which a piece of a dwarf star lodges itself in the moon. That triggers a series of anomalies on Earth, including cell phone service interruption, exaggerated tides and the occurrence of sporadic weightlessness.

Astrophysicist Alex Kinter (Elliott), with a help of a female astronomer, discover that the moon has been dislodged from its orbit and is on a collision course with Earth.

Michael Vickerman ("Superfire") penned the script for the mini, which is being exec produced by Michael Prupas, Howard Braunstein, Rola Bauer and Jonas Bauer.

Filming is slated to begin this month in Victoria, B.C.

"JAG" alum Elliott, whose upcoming features include "Gooby" and "The Rainbow Tribe," is managed by Bob McGowan. '

Whooo hoo!!!!! A movie that I know I'll love! Sci-fi is something I was hoping DJE would eventually try!

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Love Sick: Secrets of a Sex Addict

Had this in a Google alert today.

SLAVES TO SEX: "Army Wives" regular Sally Pressman says playing the lead in the Lifetime Original Movie "Love Sick — Secrets of a Sex Addict" debuting Saturday (4/19) was "probably the most challenging thing I've ever done. It's a heartbreaking story based on an autobiography, and it's also a lot darker than anything I've ever done."
In "Love Sick" Pressman's plays a woman who "was sexually abused by her father starting at age 5 and as a result of that developed a sexual disorder. The author came to the set a couple of days, and I got to meet and talk to her, which was amazing. It's very embarrassing for the person. They feel very alone, can't tell anyone.

What was fascinating for me as an actor was that this woman is having a lot of sex, but hates herself more every time she does it."

Pressman says in reading the book on which the film is based and doing subsequent research she found sexual addiction to be a much misunderstood disorder. "Women who have this sexual disorder just basically get labeled as sluts, and that's not fair at all … It's an actual chemical imbalance that alters your body so it's something out of your control." She adds, "What I loved about working on the piece was it brings consciousness to people that sexual addiction happens far too often in the world, that it's not OK, and you can stop it and help yourself."

Link to original article:

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Love Sick: Secrets of a Sex Addict collage

As promised last week, here is the special collage I had made for Sue Silverman... but with a little change, thanks to
Unfortunately the hard cover addition of the book is no longer available, but here is a link to buy a paperback copy with Sally Pressman on the cover:
You can also order the book on Sue's website:
If you haven't had a chance to read the book, do so, you won't be disappointed. Having read the book myself, I am doubly looking forward to the movie. So don't forget to watch it!
April 19th on the LifetimeTV channel at 9pm est!

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PGATOUR.COM - Storylines: Masters week

PGATOUR.COM - Storylines: Masters week: "• BMW CHARITY PRO-AM ANNOUNCES CELEBRITY LINEUP -- One of the Nationwide Tour's most prominent tournaments, the BMW Charity Pro-Am, will once again feature an impressive lineup of celebrity participants. Scheduled to compete this year are: Samuel L. Jackson, Dennis Quaid, Luke Wilson, Greg Kinnear, Kurt Russell, Catherine Bell, David James Elliott, Wayne Gretzky, Janet Jones Gretzky, Dave Coulier, Stefanie Schaeffer, Patrick Warburton, Oliver Hudson, Michael Pena, Jason Dohring, Kevin Sorbo, Josh Kelley, Cheech Marin, Javier Colon, Lucas Black, Steve Azar, Gary Valentine, Mark Rypien, Branford Marsalis, Pat Green, George Rogers, Ben Wright and Jennifer Mills. The BMW Charity Pro-Am groups amateurs and celebrities with Tour professionals in a three-day better-ball competition. Last year the event raised $2,021,325 for 20 Upstate and western North Carolina charities. Nick Flanagan won the second of his three 2007 Nationwide Tour titles that led to his PGA TOUR 'victory promotion'. A new rotation of courses in Greenville and Spartanburg, S.C. and Mill Spring, N.C. is in effect this year. GOLF CHANNEL will provide live coverage."

Got this is a Google alert. I hope they raise even more money this year!

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TV, eh? » The Guard Greenlit for Season II

TV, eh? » The Guard Greenlit for Season II

Got this in my newsletter:

Posted by: Diane in The Guard
From a media release:

DHX Media Ltd., a leading independent international producer and distributor of television programming and interactive content is pleased to announce that Global Television, a Canwest Broadcasting network has commissioned a second season of the primetime original drama series, The Guard, which begins production in Vancouver, BC in June and is slated for broadcast in the 2008-09 season. The series is a co-production between DHX Media’s subsidiary, Halifax Film and Vancouver based Brightlight Pictures Inc, for Global Television.

The Guard is a one-hour character-driven, ensemble drama series that focuses on the lives of four imperfect, offbeat and sometimes difficult, but heroic Coast Guard rescue specialists looking for meaning in their own lives while enduring the daily dangers of life out on the Pacific Ocean. Audiences were captivated by these west coast heroes, as Season I of the series launched with over 800,000 viewers and
The Guard was the #1 new Canadian Original in the key demo Adults 18-49.

Charles Bishop, President, Halifax Film said, “We are thrilled to partner once again with Global Television to produce a second season of The Guard. The additional season will continue to help us secure significant international sales.”

Now if we can just get a station in the USA to pick it up!!!!!!! And they'd hire David James Elliott to do more episodes.... all his fans would be very happy!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

PGATOUR.COM - Big field of celebrities set for '08 BMW Charity Pro-Am

PGATOUR.COM - Big field of celebrities set for '08 BMW Charity Pro-Am

Apr. 2, 2008

GREENVILLE, S.C. -- Samuel L. Jackson, Dennis Quaid, Luke Wilson, Greg Kinnear, Kurt Russell, Catherine Bell, David James Elliott, Wayne Gretzky, Janet Jones Gretzky, Dave Coulier, Stefanie Schaeffer, Patrick Warburton, Oliver Hudson, Michael Pena, Jason Dohring, Kevin Sorbo, Josh Kelley, Cheech Marin, Javier Colon, Lucas Black, Steve Azar, Gary Valentine, Mark Rypien, Branford Marsalis, Pat Green, George Rogers, Ben Wright and Jennifer Mills are the celebrities that are scheduled to compete in this year's BMW Charity Pro-Am golf tournament.

The tournament will be played May 15-18 at Bright's Creek Golf Club, The Carolina Country Club and Thornblade Club golf courses. All four rounds will be televised live by GOLF CHANNEL.
The BMW Charity Pro-Am is the only tournament on the Nationwide Tour where amateurs and celebrities are grouped with Nationwide Tour professionals in a three-day better-ball competition. Amateurs, celebrities and pros will rotate between each of the three courses on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with the 14 lowest scoring pro-amateur/pro-celebrity teams advancing to play Sunday's final round at Thornblade Club.

The professional winner of the overall 72-hole event will take home $121,500 from the total purse of $675,000, which is one of the largest purses on the Nationwide Tour, as well as a brand new BMW X5 Sports Activity Vehicle. Amateurs and celebrities will compete for individual prizes and cash donations to the charity of their choice out of the beneficiaries selected by South Carolina Charities, Inc.

Jackson, one of the most respected actors in Hollywood, is playing in the BMW Charity Pro-Am for the first time. He most recently starred alongside Hayden Christenson and Rachel Bilson in Jumper. Jackson has also starred in numerous films, including hits like 1408, Episodes I, II and II of Star Wars, Snakes on a Plane, Coach Carter, S.W.A.T., The Negotiator, XXX, XXX: State of the Union, Shaft, Rules of Engagement, Deep Blue Sea, Sphere, Die Hard: With a Vengeance, Pulp Fiction (where he received Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations as Best Supporting Actor), Jurassic Park and Patriot Games. He currently has five other works slated for release in the next two years.

Quaid, who is also making his first appearance at the BMW Charity Pro-Am, began his acting career in 1975 with the film, Crazy Mama. Among his other films are The Right Stuff, Great Balls of Fire, Enemy Mine, The Rookie, Far From Heaven (where he received a Golden Globe nomination), In Good Company, Dragonheart, The Parent Trap, Wyatt Earp, Frequency, Any Given Sunday and The Day After Tomorrow. In his most recent film, Vantage Point, Quaid stars alongside Matthew Fox, Forrest Whitaker, Sigourney Weaver and William Hurt. Quaid will play "Hawk" in the Paramount Pictures production, G.I. Joe, which is slated for release in 2009.

Wilson began his acting career starring in a film (Bottle Rocket, 1994) co-written by his brother, Owen. Wilson has also appeared in Telling Lies in America, Best Men and Home Fries, Legally Blonde, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde, Alex and Emma, The Family Stone, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Vacancy and Blonde Ambition. Wilson's latest film is Henry Poole is Here, which will be released later in 2008. This is Wilson's first time playing in the tournament.

Kinnear is an Academy Award-nominated actor who received his breakthrough when he became the first host of "Talk Soup" in the early 1990s, which led to "Later with Greg Kinnear" four years later. In 1997, Kinnear starred in the blockbuster comedy drama As Good as It Gets, for which he received an Oscar nomination for "Best Supporting Actor". In 2006, he starred in Little Miss Sunshine and co-starred alongside Mark Wahlberg in the film version of Invincible, based on the true story of a man who tries out for the Philadelphia Eagles NFL football team. This is Kinnear's first time playing in the BMW Charity Pro-Am.

Russell, who is playing in the BMW Charity Pro-Am for the third time, began his acting career as a child with the Walt Disney Co., but once he outgrew child roles, he quit acting to pursue his love of baseball. He played second base with the minor league baseball teams of the California Angels and San Diego Padres until he hurt his arm. Russell has appeared in Silkwood (for which he received a Golden Globe nomination), Escape from New York, Overboard, Back Draft, Captain Ron, Tombstone, Executive Decision, 3,000 Miles to Graceland, Vanilla Sky, and Miracle. Russell has lived with actress Goldie Hawn since 1983.

Bell is best known as Marine Corps attorney Lt. Colonel Sarah 'Mac' Mackenzie on the TV series J.A.G. Bell currently plays Sally Pressman in the Lifetime drama Army Wives, and she has also had supporting roles in the hit movies Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty as television news anchor Susan Ortega. This will be her fifth appearance.

Elliott, who is best known for his role as Commander Harmon "Harm" Rabb on the hit TV show J.A.G. will participate in his second BMW Charity Pro-Am golf tournament. Elliott played Assistant District Attorney James Conlon on the television series Close to Home in 2007.

Gretzky, arguably the greatest ice hockey player of all time, and his wife Janet, an actress, will return for their fourth appearance in the BMW Charity Pro-Am. The Hall of Fame center rewrote the NHL record book by setting 61 records, including being the NHL's all-time leading goal scorer with 894. He is currently coach and part-owner of the Phoenix Coyotes NHL hockey team.

The first seven BMW Charity Pro-Ams have raised more than $5.7 million for 80+ area charities.
For more information on the BMW Charity Pro-Am golf tournament, sponsorship opportunities, charitable funding or volunteer opportunities, call (864) 297-1660 or visit the tournament's Web site.

Got this in a Google alert from the PGA website.

For BMW Pro Am David James Elliott to participate

Samuel L. Jackson Among Celebrities For BMW Pro Am - News - News Channel 7, Upstate South Carolina

Stars of movies and television will participate in the 2008 BMW Charity Pro-Am Golf Tournament.
Among the new celebrities playing this year will be Samuel L. Jackson, Dennis Quaid, Luke Wilson, Greg Kinnear and Patrick Warburton. Kurt Russell, Catherine Bell, David James Elliott and Wayne Gretzky will be returning.

The 2008 BMW Charity Pro-Am golf tournament will be played May 15-18, 2008, at Bright's Creek Golf Club, The Carolina Country Club and Thornblade Club golf courses. All four rounds will be televised live by the Golf Channel.

Here's a complete list of celebrities scheduled to compete: Samuel L. Jackson, Dennis Quaid, Luke Wilson, Greg Kinnear, Kurt Russell, Catherine Bell, David James Elliott, Wayne Gretzky, Janet Jones Gretzky, Dave Coulier, Stefanie Schaeffer, Patrick Warburton, Oliver Hudson, Michael Pena, Jason Dohring, Kevin Sorbo, Josh Kelley, Cheech Marin, Javier Colon, Lucas Black, Steve Azar, Gary Valentine, Mark Rypien, Branford Marsalis, Pat Green, George Rogers, Ben Wright and Jennifer Mills.

This came in a Google alert today.

'Love Sick: Secrets of a Sex Addict' update

Thanks to an email from Sue Silverman: Lifetime posted video clips from the movie onto their website. The first clip has a bedroom scene with David James Elliott as 'Rick' and Sally Pressman as 'Sue'. Awesome!!!!!

Watch this blog next week as I will be posting a special collage I made for Sue, with her permission. I will also post a link to where her book can be bought online.

Thanks, Sue! This was fantastic! The acting is superb and the story is terrific! I can not wait till April 19th!

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