Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CSI: NY episode this Friday

The episode will feature the return of David James Elliott of JAG fame as FBI Agent Russ Josephson, Jo Danville's ex-husband, and will feature Taylor Kinney, who played werewolf Mason on The Vampire Diaries, as the killer.

"Identity Crisis" is going to put Jo in a tough place. However, the promo doesn't show her dealing with her daughter—just Ellie witnessing the crime.

The promo begins with Ellie watching as an old man is killed in the 34th St - Penn Station subway station. Flack calls it "the most interesting crime scene you'll go to all week." There's a twist—the victim isn't an old man with a beard. The victim is a woman wearing a mask, and Jo calls her "a master of disguise." However, they can't find any evidence that suggests that she was out there running cons. Mac is the one to realize that they need to figure out why the killer stabbed the victim, thinking she was an old man. He's the one who's upset someone enough to kill.

Here is the link to the page from the Google alert... the promo vid can be found there:


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